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Introducing our experimental new cocktails

Befittingly named Luxetails, our curated new experimental cocktails are handcrafted to create an eclectic journey of artisanal creations. Expect the unexpected as you delve into a cocktail menu like no other and discover a sophisticated palate with a hint of playfulness.

A carefully considered series of six, we share our favourites with you below…

G & Tea 

With luxurious ingredients such as organic locally sourced raspberry tea and wild hibiscus flower, and served in an elegant pink peacock mug, this cocktail is designed to inspire and delight. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten the tonic, it appears in the cocktail frozen into a large sculptural ice cube.

Cocktail in peacock mug

Another Eye

This urban infusion arrives presented in a camera lens but that’s not all, your waiter will take a photo of you and your guest and clip the polaroid to the side of your drink. Shaken together with unique ingredients such as golden rum and Indian gooseberry, this drink takes the word cocktail to the next level.

Take yourself to back to the glamour of the 1920s art deco era in our opulent cocktail bar and treat yourself to one of these delectable delights.

Cocktail in a camera lens

Available daily from 5pm – 10pm at Hotel Grand Windsor, 58/60 Queen St, Auckland CBD.





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