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Lunar New Year High Tea Available for Booking Now

Here at the Hotel Grand Windsor, we’re more than the best Auckland accommodation out there, we also host stunning events, like our current Lunar New Year High Tea!

Available every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays from the 18th of January to the 8th of February, Lunar New Year High Tea is not to be missed! Bookings are also open for weekdays for parties of ten people and up.

To find out more, keep reading!

What is the Lunar New Year?

The calendar that most of us use is the Gregorian calendar, created in October 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. Even though a lot of China uses the Gregorian calendar for day-to-day life, the traditional Chinese Lunar Calendar is still used to observe certain festivals and holidays, and Chinese New Year is one of these.

This holiday is referred to around the world as the Lunar New Year, and in mainland China, it’s usually called the Spring Festival. It’s a popular celebration that has impacted many other celebrations around the world, all of which share some common traits, including the Korean New Year, Tibetan Losar, and Vietnam’s Tet.

Other countries which have large populations of Chinese also celebrate it, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and across America and Europe. There are many other Lunar New Year celebrations across Asia, too. The festival usually extends all the way from the evening after the first day of the Lunar New Year to the Lantern Festival, held on the 15th day of the new year.

The name ‘Lunar New Year’, refers to the way the first day is identified—the first new moon that falls between 21st of January and the 20th of February. This year, the first new moon is on a Saturday, the 25th of January, and this will begin the Year of the Rat.

What does Chinese New Year involve?

There are plenty of cultural customs surrounding the holiday, not to mention mythology. Traditionally, it’s intended to be a time to observe the importance of certain Gods, as well as your ancestors. Beyond that, there are thousands of regional variations across the world—local communities all have their own unique way of celebrating the new year!

A few common traditions include cleaning the whole house, hosting a family reunion dinner, and decorating windows and doors with paper-cut decorations.

Finally, Chinese New Year also involves lighting firecrackers, gifting money in red envelopes, and in the north of China, making dumplings!

Ring in the new year in style with the Hotel Grand Windsor!

So how are we incorporating all of this into the High Tea service at our famous Auckland restaurant? The Cooke’s Restaurant & Bar Lunar New Year High Tea includes our seasonal favourites with a distinct Chinese twist! Imagine—smoked duck on brioche, hoisin pork and pickled cucumber steamed buns, sandwiches, scones, and a range of sweet snacks!

All of our menus throughout this event come with a selection of teas supplied by T2. If you like, you can always add a glass of champagne to the festivities too!

Don’t wait, book your Lunar New Year High Tea today!


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